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Mike Kyle

My name is Mike Kyle.  Please allow me to take a moment to tell you a little about myself and the passion that drives me to build the ultimate fishing rod.Mike

I was born and raised on the East Coast of South Florida.  I have fished since I was old enough to walk, so it is not a surprise why I love this sport so much.  Fishing the beaches for Snook, and shallow wrecks for Grouper and Snapper, gave me a great start to my fishing addiction.  It quickly transformed into me becoming a hardcore inshore fisherman that wouldn't blink twice to travel 4 hours in a day to get in on a hot bite. 

As a young adult, I found myself working in a tackle store and quickly picking up on new talents. I learned how to rebuild and fix all types of reels.  I was a quick study, so much so I was one of the areas top reel mechanics.  Not long after that I began picking up old blanks around the shop and started practicing with the component building and  the thread wrapping.

I had the opportunity to learn under Bill Buckland of the Fisherman Center and Robert Faulkner, 2 of the top builders in FL in the early 90's.  They taught me a great foundation.

   Fast forward 20 years and it brings us to my own shop and new school rod creations. 

   I feel very fortunate to have a supporting family that allows me to follow my passion and I owe them the world for that.

   I fish with more passion and vigor then I ever have before and I transfer that positive energy into the rods I create.

   Thanks for stopping by and learning a little about me. I hope to build you something special that helps burn fishing memories that last a lifetime!